"People" is a "human-shaped pencil case"
Made from various fabrics.
We have a shop and atelier in Arashiyama, Kyoto, and as of 2022, we have produced about 6500 types of "people".


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"Why this shape?" custamer often asked to me.

I can't give you a good answer yet, but if I may say so, I would like you to feel the atmosphere of the fabric and the individuality of the person. The diversity of fabrics and people.

Just like people fabrics have different personalities.
And by being used as a pencil case, the fabric will record the history of being used for many years.
Just as the user gains experience and develops their individuality, I want the pencil case to develop its own individuality.

ValiA PaPoutsAki posted an article on the website "unfortunate encounters".



"people" has two categories of the same shape.
・PRODUCT is access to product...
・COLLABO is access to concept...

PRODUCT is for sale.
In addition to denim and tweed, the fabrics used include original prints and embroidery.

Fabrics on the market

people people people

Original print fabric

A picture or illustration is printed on the fabric with a textile printer (reactive dye).
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Original stitch embroidery

Simple stitch embroidery.
Denim and stitching will blend in with use.

COLLABO is a project where various people design "people".
We value the diversity of people and fabrics. 38 people participated from 1993 to 2001.

You can see the works in a slide show.
(As of 2002, it has been canceled due to circumstances)
→ COLLABO page

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It is important for students to experience the creative image-to-product process.

Let's design.

Give homework of the design to students.

.Let's discuss about color.


Let's printing and dyeing.


Let's learn some sewing!

Also study a sewing.

At the end. Let's sewing!

Stitch your own designed fabric with other fabrics.

Got a message of impression.


Making and selling products is a hard job.
If you set up a shop, you can talk directly with customers and have them directly touch the characteristics of the work. And next time, you can proudly bring the pencil case that you have used for many years to the shop. As an artist, I am deeply moved by the fact that used "people" have recorded various processes on their fabrics, and I am once again able to encounter works that have left my hands.

I think that "people" is an important my artwork concept that builds up a career with the people who use it and adds that taste to the fabric.

Engaged in sewing since high school. He entered an automotive university with the aim of creating a car manufacturer in high school and university, but was disappointed with the potential for development in the Japanese automobile industry, such as design. After various jobs such as commercial production and stage costumes, he produced "people" from 1993 and opened the shop in 1994. After that she continued to make "people". (name is real name)



Sailing, motorcycle (old ), skiing, canoeing, skating, etc.
Currently teaching beginner courses in inline skating classes for kids.

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